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The Race to 36

Help us build a better future by leading students toward a successful life, and their way to college scholarships.

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The RT36 approach is based on the proven and successful work of schools, education pioneers, and community leaders, combined into a first of its kind approach to a successful pattern of successful life habits.

What is the Race To 36 About?

Race to 36 (RT36) is about the journey towards a successful life connected to purpose and passion. Our team helps make the connections, with like-minded and supportive peers. The RT36 experience best prepares teens, athletes, and adolescents to connect, create, and thrive, in a competitive and sometimes disconnected world. 

Race to 36 higher learning
Race to 36 higher learning
Race to 36 higher learning

Help us build a better future

Race to 36

Together, the RT36 team will help empower you towards purpose, passion, and service, in partnership with industry leading professionals, leadership ambassadors, and institutions of higher learning (undergraduate through graduate school).

ACT Prep

Your score on the ACT can help you earn a scholarship in athletics, music, and across an unlimited amount of focus areas. Join our team, as we work together to help you attain your best score, beginning as early as middle school through pre-college.

Financial Literacy

Understanding financial aid and personal finance, takes practice. It provides an important foundation for achieving your goals. Our team connects you directly with leading finance institutions, and supports your development of sound finance habits, reinforcing success, for the long term.

Social Media Leadership & Social Emotional Learning

Research shows that active engagement with social media, in meaningful ways, can help improve your social emotional well being. Passive engagement has the opposite impact. Our team works with you to understand the difference, and provides you with the training to maximize the leverage of your personal brand. Your name and your identity is your brand, for the long term.

College Connections

RT36 has formal partnerships with every leading institution of higher education in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Our team is leveraging these relationships, nationally. Collaborate with our team to find your best college match. We’ll also help you apply for scholarships along the way.

Race to 36
"Our teachers are like our parents, they care about more than academics. They care about your life."
~ Student

Become a Teacher

Help transform college admissions and college scholarships. Join our team, as we reimagine new opportunities for learning, within our community and beyond.

Become a Student

The RT36 team helps expand and accelerate life opportunities connected to your child’s interests, even as they change, over time. We help transform your child’s interests into purpose, while connecting with others.

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